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Nikki King


As you may know, Australia is home to some of the greatest walks in the world, from Tasmanian hikes in World Heritage Listed wilderness, to rainforest walks in Queensland, and stunning coastal walks in Western Australia, there is no shortage of options. Our favourite are Margaret River walking tours that take in the incredible Cape to Cape track; a must if you want to experience turquoise bays, white sand beaches, jaw-dropping clifftops and tall timber karri forest.

Award-winning Walk into Luxury operates the 4 day Cape to Cape Walk which showcases the best sections of the Cape to Cape Track, along with the food and wine of the Margaret River region. The 4 day Cape to Cape Walk is recognised as one of the Great Walks of Australia; the only one in Western Australia. If you are from overseas, and planning to hike the Cape to Cape with us, or to join any Australian walking holiday, it is very important you are familiar with the following tips –


Fitness Preparation

The fitter and healthier you are when you start your walk, the more enjoyable you will find it. If you are not a regular walker, why not start by going for a walk a few times a week. We suggest you incorporate walks that include some steep inclines and declines into your preparation, gradually building up to approximately 15km in the lead up to your walk. For your own enjoyment, you need to ensure you are comfortable walking for several hours on uneven terrain which may include soft sand, uneven bush tracks, mountain/hilly sections and scrambly rock depending on which Australian hike you choose.

Clothing and Shoes

We recommend you wear long loose-fitting clothing – for sun protection and skin protection from stray branches. A base, mid and outer layer can be a great way of keeping warm in the cooler months and being able to peel off as necessary during your walk. We recommend all guests wear hiking boots with good ankle support suitable for uneven terrain. Water and wind-proof jacket and pants are a must, in case of wet or wild weather – Margaret River walks, like all Australian walks, are enjoyable in any season provided you come prepared! Don’t forget a small towel and bathers if you intend to swim along the way. A fly net to cover over your hat and face can be a great idea, especially in the summer months. A walking stick can also be of great assistance if you are dealing with challenging terrain and need to steady yourself.

Creams and Lotions

Sun protection is vital on any Australian coastal or bush walk, and we strongly advise you wear a broad brimmed hat, 50+ sunscreen and sunglasses during the day. Insect repellent is also a very good idea to keep fly’s, mosquitoes and other insects from bothering you on your holiday! Even the best Australian walking holidays can become uncomfortable if you are sunburnt or harassed by flies.

Food and Water

When hiking your body requires a minimum of 2 litres of water per day, with on average 1 litre of water recommended on challenging walks every 2 hours. You can purchase hydration backpacks with a 3 Litre capacity, and these are great to last through an average days hiking. Eat small nutritious meals throughout your walk to ensure maximum energy levels are maintained. Wraps, sandwiches, muesli bars, energy balls and fruit are just a few simple things you should be adding to your lunch box.

Safety Devices and First Aid

If you are departing on a self-guided walk, make sure you have an emergency plan. Always take a mobile phone and GPS tracker as well as a whistle and space blanket. Keep a lookout for venomous snakes on bush tracks and make sure your first aid knowledge and kit is up to date. Even better participate in a first aid course before you set off on your journey! The number one rule in the Australian bush is to always carry more water than you think you need and always stay together if you become lost. Make sure you register with family/friends or the local emergency services so they are aware of your movements and expected arrival times. Australia experiences extreme climates compared to other parts of the world, and you need to be very well prepared when travelling through remote areas.

Personal Items

It’s important to remember to take any personal items with you each day that you think you may need. These will include any medication that may be required (including an EPI-pen), reading glasses, mobile phone and your camera.


After a long day hiking it is great to unwind with a massage to ease muscle pain, and re-hydrate with vitamin rich electrolyte drinks and hydration tablets. These will all aid with muscle recovery and get you ready for your next day of adventure!

Walking Tours and Guides

We highly recommend joining one of the Great Walks of Australia when considering hiking in Australia. For example, our Cape to Cape walk offers expert guides as well as luxurious accommodation and food and wine, with massage options available at the end of the day. Guided walking tours in Australia are the safest way to go if you are unfamiliar with the hiking track, area or conditions.

Walk into Luxury offers a range of independent walking tours with or without a guide, and guided walking tours, on the Cape to Cape Track and other great Australian hiking trails.

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